This is our tech playground. Lately we are tinkering with the GPU.

Stream Compaction in WebGL

15, Oct 2016/Categories 3D, webGL/No Comments

One of the big limitations when doing GPGPU computing is that since the architecture is designed to work on parallel, re arranging or compacting data is a non trivial task on the GPU, to overcome this limitation different stream compaction methods have been created, being histopyramids the algorithm that will be discussed in this post. Histopyramids are useful since it allows to allocate the data at the beginning of one texture, avoiding to evaluate complex shaders in fragments that don’t have ...

Deconstructing Melvin

Deconstructing Melvin

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Deconstructing Melvin:

Some time has passed since we have posted anything, so we are going to try to write something somehow interesting. This post is versed about the making of the one sweet project developed in our studio, it is called #translatingmelvin.


On December of 2011 we received one call from Ruben Martínez of Hommu Studio, he wanted to talk to us about one crazy and funny idea that we loved the first minute we heard about it…

The idea consisted about translatin ...

Fluid Simulation with SPH (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics) in WebGL

Fluid Simulation with SPH (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics) in WebGL

29, Aug 2011/Categories 3D, webGL/9 Comments


The next video is recorded on real time with an AMD Radeon 6970M HD (2Gb), feel free to watch the video if the simulation does not run in your computer.

Some links to start

When I was reading information about shadows particles for the previous posts, I saw one demo that really called my attention, this demo used one technique for fluids simulations that I really wanted to see how it worked. If you have seen the demo you will probably know this blog, here I found th ...

Curl Noise + Volume Shadow particles

Curl Noise + Volume Shadow particles

05, Aug 2011/Categories 3D, webGL/6 Comments

view the high resolution example
view the mid resolution example
view the low resolution example

A good link is a good gift...

When we try to code anything in our studio, the first thing we do is to search for information about the subject in order to find papers and techniques that could help us to develop what we want. The bad thing about it is that you loose a lot of time in Google trying to find that specific paper that reveals the “secrets” of  the math behind the code.

But ...

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