GPU gems are back :’o

  • Elastic triangles

    DrawTriangles es una herramienta potente, nos permite no solo pintar una serie de líneas o rellenos planos en pantalla, sino que además podemos mapear imágenes en las mallas de triángulos que generemos, cosa que puede aprovecharse para manipular la forma de las imágenes de manera interactiva. Imaginemos que tenemos un campo de puntos distribuidos equitativamente […]

  • NURBS in Flash (part 2)

    Working with surfaces in Flash can be done in many ways, Away3D offers one way to work with Bezier patches that is suitable for many things (one example of this is this very nice example of the Utah teapot), but if you want a more precise interpolation among the control points, the Nurbs surfaces give […]

  • Delaunay for fun

    En este experimento he querido probar lo que podía hacer utilizando el algoritmo de triangulación Delaunay y las cosas han salido de un modo diferente a como yo esperaba aunque el resultado ha sido curioso. Buscando por la red información sobre el tema, me he encontrado con un post en el blog de Nicolas Barradeau […]

  • NURBS in Flash (part 1)

    This post is a little long so I will post it in two parts, the fist one is about NURBS in 2D (Curves) and the next one will be about NURBS in 3D (surfaces)… Ever since I have been working in Flash I wanted to write one Class that would allow me to work with […]

  • Probando el raytracing en AS3

    Probando el raytracing en AS3

    VIEW EXAMPLE Some time ago I wanted to program a ray tracer on real time. The main problem I faced is that ray tracing is difficult to compute, because the quantity of calculations grows when you place more objects on the scene. In order to get a good frame rate I needed to reduce the […]

  • Beziers (our approach…!)

    Bezier curves are widely used in Flash for many effects, from tweening one property to drawing complex curves and surfaces, but we  have never found one Class that would allow us to work with them the way we wanted to. Our main goal writing one Class for Bezier manipulation is to have one tool that […]

  • Simple Surface Editor

    After we programmed the surface renderer for our last project, we decided to work a little more in order to implement a simple editor that could give use the opportunity to model simple objects based on a single surface. This editor enables us to work on further materials and uses for lighting, and it also […]

  • Surface Renderer

    In these days some of our projects require the use of 3D, and dealing with 3D objects in Flash can be a very painfull situation if you need to show many poligons and apply dinamic material to those poligons. In order to explore some of the “new” features of Flash, we decided to skip the […]

  • dotted meow from the crypt

    WEBCAM REQUIRED. I’ve been playing around with the webcam on AS3 and finally i got into something i liked. Basically what I’m doing here is to generate a grid of shapes keeping references between objects using a linked list. I am working with a small video size to optimize performance, so I keep two positions […]

  • Miaumiau.init(null);

    AS3, Openframeworks, Circuit bending and more stuff… Comming soon.