We are Héctor Arellano & Félix Martínez, a little digital production studio based at Valencia-Spain, our focus is on the user experience
through interactivity, programming visual interfaces, interactive experiences and experimenting to push the web browser's boundaries. We are a technology problem solver and passionate pixel lovers.

If you have an amazing idea with an amount of technology involved, surely we can help you.
+ Recent Work
Sendra Custom Boots

Sendra Custom Boots

Sendra Custom Boots is a brand new customizer designed to help users to create their dream boots, it offers a full 3D experience t ...

Movistar Fusion

Movistar Fusion

As part of the creative concept “When we’re together it all sounds better”, the FusionApp mobile application synchronizes yo ...



Translating Melvin is a great idea by Gloria Joven & Rubén Martínez.  They called us to explain this freaking amazing proj ...

+ Latest Blog Posts

Deconstructing Melvin

27, Nov 2012/Categories Arduino, Hardware, OpenFrameworks/No Comments

Deconstructing Melvin:

Some time has passed since we have posted anything, so we are going to try ...

Fluid Simulation with SPH (Smoothed particle hydrodynamics) in WebGL

29, Aug 2011/Categories 3D, webGL/8 Comments


The next video is recorded on real time with an AMD Radeon 6970M HD (2Gb), feel ...

Curl Noise + Volume Shadow particles

05, Aug 2011/Categories 3D, webGL/4 Comments

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view the mid resolution example
view the low resolution example

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